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Thank you for using Irohado's online shopping service.
Below are some shopping tips:

Shopping procedure

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Information about points

You can use points by registering as a member.

How to use points

When shopping at our online store, 1 point can be used as 1 yen.

How to earn points

❶ Earn points by shopping (1%)
1% of the product price will be accumulated as points.
Points will be credited 15 days after the order date.
If your order is cancelled, it will be void.
❷ Earn points by reviewing (+20)
You will receive 20 points for each review you leave for a product you have purchased.
You can write a review by clicking the "Write a review" button on the product page where you purchased the product.
date of expiry
Regular points do not have an expiration date.
When you are given "points with an expiration date" as part of a campaign, etc., they are only valid within the expiration date.

About gift wrapping and packaging

We offer free gift wrapping, name engraving, and gift tags.
Please specify on the order process screen.

Short strip of paper
Completely packaged

Details of gift wrapping and packaging

❶ Short strip of paper [normal]
At our store, we usually use a "tanzaku noshi" (a short strip of paper wrapped in a paper) that is affixed to the gift box as an "inner noshi."
We will then wrap it in wrapping paper, attach a shipping slip and send it off.
* Names cannot be inscribed on the strips of paper.
❷ Hanging
The name can be added to the wrapping paper. Usually, it is attached to the inside of the gift box.
We will then wrap it in wrapping paper, attach a shipping slip and send it off.
If you would like a gift tag or name inscription, please fill in the message section on the shopping page.
❸ Complete packaging
For complete packaging, a noshi (a strip of paper or a hanging tag) will be attached to the presentation box, the entire box will be wrapped in wrapping paper, and then placed in a delivery bag (or cardboard box) before being shipped.
If you would like complete packaging, please fill in the message box on the shopping page.
* Fully wrapped standard oyaki set of up to 28 pieces is available .
* Even if you would like the gift wrapped completely, we will usually use the "inner wrapping" method. If you would like the gift wrapped outside, that is, with the gift tag placed on top of the wrapping paper, please write this in the communication section.

For those who would like to use carrier bags or small bags

It is not normally provided, so you will need to purchase it. If you would like to purchase this item, please add it to your cart from the following page.
Place your order here

Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Seller name
Irohado Limited Company
Sales Manager
Takumune Ito
1687-1 Kinasa, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, 381-4393
telephone number
Fax number
email address
Required fees other than the product price
Consumption tax, shipping fee, payment fee
* For details on shipping and payment fees, please click here .
Estimated delivery time of the product
It usually takes about 5 days to ship (excluding Tuesdays, which are factory holidays).
If you pay by bank transfer, it will take about 5 days from the time we confirm your payment.
Application expiration date
If we do not receive your payment within 14 days of the order date, we will cancel your order.
Payment methods: Credit card, PayPay, cash on delivery (cash / credit card / electronic money), convenience store, bank transfer
* For more information on payment methods, please click here .

Returns and Exchanges

Since this is a food product, we cannot accept cancellations, returns or exchanges due to customer convenience after the order has been placed.

In the unlikely event that the product is damaged or otherwise defective, we will accept returns or exchanges. Please contact us by phone or email within 7 days of receiving the product. We will inform you of the return and exchange method and send you a new product as soon as possible.
*If the item is damaged, defective, or incorrect, we will cover the shipping costs.

In addition,
  • If delivery cannot be made within five days of the initial delivery due to customer circumstances
  • If the customer refuses to receive the package
Please note that if we have to return the item due to a reason such as an error, you will be charged the product price, round-trip shipping fees, re-shipment shipping fees if the item is forwarded, and a fee for the return procedure.