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Food safety initiatives and certification

Under our company motto of "half heart, half taste,"
To continue to bring happiness to people and the community through oyaki,
Through the manufacture and sale of food, we will provide safe and reliable products that meet our customers' needs.

Food Safety Policy

  1. We comply with food safety related laws and regulations as well as customer requirements that we have agreed to.
  2. We always prioritize food safety and value communication with customers and business partners.
  3. We will ensure that all employees are aware of issues affecting food safety through various internal communications.
  4. We provide education to all employees to ensure they have knowledge and skills regarding food safety.
  5. We will conduct regular internal audits and management reviews to continuously improve our food safety initiatives.


Irohado places great importance on food safety, and both its Kinasa and Nagano factories have obtained ISO22000 certification.
All employees practice continuous improvement and work hard every day to deliver safe and secure products.
ISO22000 is an international standard that lists requirements for food management system companies like ours. To be approved for this standard, we must analyze whether there are any hazards that threaten food safety during the process from receiving food ingredients to manufacturing and shipping, including management, sales, and development, and meet the requirements to ensure that there is a system in place to properly manage those hazards.
Irohado will continue to consider food safety as a company-wide system and deliver products that customers can enjoy with peace of mind.

ISO22000 Certificate