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For bulk orders

Large Order

When consolidating multiple orders (10 or more places) for year-end gifts, etc., or when achieving the "free shipping benefit" by purchasing together, it is convenient to use an Excel order form.

For joint purchases

Please use this option when you want to collect orders from multiple people at one place. This is useful when you want to achieve the free shipping benefit (purchase of 15,000 yen or more) with everyone. Products will be packaged separately for each orderer.

Excel order form (for joint purchases)

Gift Ideas

Please use this when sending gifts to multiple recipients, such as year-end gifts. Please note that shipping fees are required for each recipient. Please download the latest version from the link below.

Excel Order Form (for gifts)

*If you would like to purchase seasonal oyaki, please fill in the blank with the name of the ingredient and enter the quantity.

Seasonal Oyaki currently on sale

how to order

Please attach the Excel file to an email and send it to us. You can also fax us a handwritten order form.

To ensure a prompt response, please send it in the following manner: