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About the product/

Q.Does it contain eggs or dairy products?

A. We do not use eggs or dairy products. The 8 specific raw materials include "wheat" and "buckwheat," and the 21 specific raw materials include "soybeans." Please note that we also manufacture products that use "sesame" (sweet potato, yuzu shichimi nozawana, etc.) on the same production line.

Q: Do you use any additives?

A. We use flavor enhancers in some of our products. We do not use any preservatives, colorings, or other additives.

Q: Please tell me the expiration date and how to store it.

A. We will deliver frozen products. Please store at -18℃ or below. We will deliver the products so that the expiration date is more than 60 days when we deliver the products, but please note that the expiration date may not be the same depending on the manufacturing date of the product. Please consume the product on the same day after thawing.

Regarding online orders/

Q. I would like to change the set contents of the gift item.

A. We are sorry, but we cannot change the set contents of the seasonal gift recommendations. You can order individual items, but please note that the total price may differ from the set product.

Q. I ordered a single item, but can you put it in a gift box?

A. Even if you order only a single item, we will pack up to 30 oyaki in a gift box. If you order 31 or more, they will be delivered in a brown cardboard box.

Q. I would like to have gifts or presents delivered to my home.

A. Normally, the shipping slip is attached directly to the gift box. When ordering, please write "I would like double packaging" in the message field. Also, please check the bottom of the following page for more information on gift wrapping and packaging.

Q. I am a registered member, but can I change the sender's name when placing an order?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please write that in the message section when placing your order. In that case, your name registered as a member will not be changed.

Q: Can I issue a receipt?

A. When ordering online, please write that in the message section. If the sender and the recipient are the same, the receipt will be enclosed with the product. If the sender and the recipient are different, the receipt will be mailed to the sender. If it is mailed, the mail will be sent at the same time as the product.

Q. Will an invoice be enclosed?

A. When ordering online, regardless of the delivery address, we do not enclose a delivery note or detailed bill. Please check the email you received when placing your order for details of your order.

Q: I placed an order but haven't received an email.

A. An automatic email will be sent immediately after placing your order. If you do not receive an email, your order may not have been completed correctly or your email address may be incorrect. Please contact us by phone (0120-168-041). If you have spam settings, please make sure to set your email settings to receive emails from "".

Q: I can't log in.

A. (Showing a specific screen)

Q. When placing an order, the address saved in my account doesn't appear.

A. We are very sorry, but due to the specifications of the shopping cart, it is not possible to display more than 5 addresses. For large orders, please use the Excel order form .

Q. I would like to know how to check on my page when I place an order with multiple shipping addresses.

A. When you place an order with multiple shipping destinations, a parent order and child orders are created. The parent order lists all the ordered items, shipping charges, and tax amounts, while the child orders list the items and their quantities for each shipping destination. Therefore, please check the total amount in the parent order. Please check the shipping destination and ordered items in the child orders.

Q: Can I use points when specifying multiple delivery addresses?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that if you specify multiple shipping addresses, points will not be reflected.

Q. Can I add individual items to a set product and have them sent together in one box?

A: Yes, it is possible. Please write the details in the comments section when placing your order.

Q: I would like to know the shipping status of my product.

A. Once the product is shipped, we will send you an email with the tracking number. If there is no specified date, the product will be shipped within about 5 days (excluding holidays), so please wait a little longer until you receive the email.

Q. About ice packs

A. Only for orders with "Complete Packaging" or "Joint Purchase (Excel Order Form)", we will ship the product with a cooling agent inside the box. (This is because it is expected that the product will be used as a gift to be handed over to someone.)

Regarding delivery/

Q: How much is the shipping fee?

A: Please check the usage guide.

Q. Can I have my package delivered to a parcel box?

A. Because this is a frozen product, we cannot deliver it to your parcel box if you are not at home. A missed delivery notice will be left in your mailbox, so please request redelivery.

Q. Can I use the drop-off service?

A. If you are at home, you can request the sales driver to pick up the item via the intercom or other means and have them pick it up without meeting you in person.

Q: Where can you deliver to?

A. We can ship nationwide. However, we cannot deliver to some remote islands of the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands, which do not offer refrigerated shipping.

Q: Can I specify a delivery date and time?

A. You can specify the date and time. We accept it from 7 days after the order date to one month later.

How to operate (specific screen images shown)

Q. If I am sending it as a gift, will the sender be identified?

A. The sender's information is written on the delivery slip. If the sender and the recipient are the same, the sender's information on the delivery slip will be written as "Irohado", the sender.

Q. Can I specify multiple delivery addresses?

A: It is possible to deliver to multiple addresses up to XX items per order.

How to operate (specific screen images shown)

Shipping charges apply for each delivery address.

Q. Can I apply for delivery at the store?

A. Yes, orders can only be placed when you visit the store. Please inform the store staff. Please ask the store staff about the product's stock status, shipping date, price, etc. If you would like to order by phone, please contact us at 0120-168-041.