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Measures against COVID-19

To ensure that our customers can use our stores with peace of mind, we are taking measures against the spread of COVID-19, such as avoiding the "three Cs," thoroughly ventilating stores, disinfecting stores, and managing the health of staff.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Measures in stores

  1. When you enter the store, we will provide you with alcohol-based disinfectant for hand sanitization.
  2. The store operates with the windows and doors open to ensure constant ventilation.
  3. Tables are disinfected frequently after use.
  4. We have reduced the number of seats in the store and are operating with more space between each seat.
  5. Transparent sheets are installed at cash registers as a precaution against splashes.
  6. Products are served wearing gloves.
  7. Change gloves frequently and always use clean ones.
  8. When paying, we use trays or other means to avoid directly exchanging cash, and we frequently disinfect the trays.
  9. We have introduced contactless payment methods such as electronic money.

Store staff

  1. We check the health status of our staff every morning, including taking their temperature.
  2. I wash and disinfect my hands frequently.
  3. We are strictly enforcing the wearing of masks.