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Shichimi Chili Pepper Irohado Blend

Original price ¥980 - Original price ¥980
Original price
¥980 - ¥980
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An original product from Yawataya Isogorou and Irohado. A blend of seven spices including onion, basil, and garlic. An original shichimi that brings out the umami of vegetables.

[Recommended way to eat]
・Sprinkle lightly on oyaki (especially good on mixed vegetables!)
・For meat dishes, pasta, soba, udon, stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken, hot pots, etc.

*If you order it together with oyaki, it will be shipped together with the product via refrigerated delivery.
*If you order a single item, it will be delivered at room temperature, but the shipping fee will be a flat rate.